Music upload instructions

Music upload instructions

For Minto Summer Skate 2017 you must upload your music to the registration system and bring your music to the competition on CDs as back-up.

Deadline for Music upload is July 14.

Music Upload Instructions

You upload your music into the registration system.

Music upload instructions in English en Francais.

Technical details of music files

Don't panic! Your MP3 music file probably already meets most or all of these requirements.

  • Music files are submitted in MP3 format.
  • The uploaded program music MUST conform to the following specifications:
  • Programs per file: One [1] - Only one piece of competition program music (e.g. short program, free skate, short dance, free dance, etc.) per file is allowed.
  • File Format: mp3 - The uploaded file music must be an mp3 file (MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III). Simply changing the file extension to “mp3” from another file format is not acceptable.
  • Bit Rate: 192 kbps is requested (bit rates between 128 and 320 kbps will be accepted).
  • Maximum file size: 10 MB
  • Maximum run time: Five [5 minutes]
  • ID3 Metadata [tags]: None - The Chief Music Coordinator strongly recommends that mp3 files DO NOT contain any ID3 metadata, commonly called tags. This is especially true of any embedded images such as album cover art, picture of the skater, etc. Please, NO EMBEDDED IMAGES!
  • Maximum leader: Two [2] seconds] - The leader is the silence between the start of the track and the actual start of the program music. The Chief Music Coordinator recommends that there be NO leader.
  • Maximum trailer: Two [2] seconds] - The trailer is the silence between the end of the program music and the end of the program music and the end of the actual track. The Chief Music Coordinator recommends that there be NO trailer.