Practice Ice will be available for skaters at Skate Ontario Sectional Series - Minto Summer Skate 2019.

There will be some sessions dedicated to specific levels but some sessions will still be Open category and are not restricted to specific levels of skaters. Skaters are expected to be courteous and respectful of skaters of all levels on practice sessions.

Sessions are limited to 15 free skaters or 6 dance couples or 6 pairs couples. The Potvin rink is smaller and has a smaller maximum number.

Sessions with low attendance may be combined with other sessions or may be canceled. If this occurs, skaters who do not wish to change to a different session may request a refund.

Practice ice is being provided at three different facilities depending on the time:

  • Minto Skating Centre on Lancaster Road (Home of the Minto Skating Club - 100'x200' and 85'x200'). Note there are multiple rinks in Ottawa with the name Minto, make sure you go to Lancaster Road.
  • Ray Friel Recreation Complex
  • Potvin Arena at the Richcraft SensPlex (Location of the competition, 80'x185' surface)
  • Other competition rinks at Richcract SensPlex (Location of the competition, 85'x200' surface)

Practice ice times are designated in 24h format. 6:00 is 6:00AM. 18:00 is 6:00PM

Practice Ice Rink Locations

Minto Skating Club
2571 Lancaster Rd,
Ottawa, ON K1B 4L5

Richcraft Sens Plex
Recharge with Milk, Canadian Tire, HEO, Potvin Rinks

811 Shefford Rd,
Gloucester, ON K1J 8H9

Ray Friel Recreation Complex
1585 Tenth Line Rd,
Orléans, ON K1E 3E8

We recommend you start with the Practice Ice Schedule to see which ice sessions are available to you and suit your schedule. It's easier to see than looking directly at the store.

Practice Ice Schedule

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